18. juuli 2005

Hello again. I guess I haven't visited this place in a while, but oh well.

This weekend was a roleplayish one too. My char, a mage, was killed once, but resurrected by two priests. Good for me. Most of the posessions of of the other party-members was looted, but mine was left for me. I guess the looters got bored with me getting all of the OG stuff out of the pouch, and forgot about my IG things. Good for me. Both of my wands were taken. One of them was broken. One, the looters lost in he woods. One of my party-members found it later and returned it to me. Good for me. It was the more powerful one. Lucky me.

The weird situation I was in for some time, solved itself. The solution is positive. Not because of what it is, but because it is a solution, and every answer is better than no answer at all.