26. juuni 2005

I'm tired. And confused. And surprised. And tired. And cold. And hungry. And tired. And amazed. And disturbed. And tired. You get the idea.

Have you ever been in a situation where somebody you thought you knew acts absolutely unlike themself? And you don't have a clue how to think of their acts, but you know you probably shouldn't mention them to anyone. I think it would make anyone feel uncomfortable and unsure of themselves. Even if the words and actions were awaited and/or good, it still seems... out of place, just like laughing at a funeral.

Gladly, this is not the situation I'm in right now.

Here comes another rant about how cool my friends are. If you are depressed, please don't read it. it's just that... I think I think everyone should be jealous of such good friends. I would go through fire and ice for them, with them. I would do whatever I am capable of, for each and every one of them, and I know they would do the same for me. I don't know what I would do without them, they have been so incredibly supportive through the year and I am undescribably happy I know them. They are so absolutely wonderful persons and I think I have finally found the persons I fit in with. They respect me the way I am, without any masks. Oh god, I am so grateful to have found these friends.

15. juuni 2005

As always, life has two sides.

First, the negative.

  • I'm broke.
  • I can't go to the summer outing, because of it.
  • I can't pay my year membership because of that.
  • I can't pay for this weekend's game because of that.

And now, the positive.

  • I got some money by getting rid of the bottles.
  • I found some money on the street. (About 5 units.)
  • I wasn't so broke as I thought and could afford to buy some metal-thread-cutters. (again, now you can all see I'm not a native speaker to the English language.)
  • They can cut the thread I need to cut.
  • I got the lamp my dad wanted me to get. He would have been very mad at me if I hadn't.

Only four of negative stuff and five of positive! Wohoo! I guess life is good afterall!

7. juuni 2005

Busy again... oh, and I colored my hair... Now it looks like I had really dark hair some time back, but it's getting all grey. Well, it's kind of greyish blueish and doesn't go too well with my wishes, but it will go so well with my lizard-person charackter this weekend. And the color is wash-out. Everything is good. And my first full-day (12 hours) workday yesterday went well too. Nothing bad.

3. juuni 2005

Ever seen a wet cloth for washing the floor? And seen it squeesed out? That's exaxtly the way I feel right now. I've had a really rough training today, and I'm having a game tomorrow! Wohoo! Sorry for the shortness.