15. august 2005

About an hour after the last post I learned that he was dating a good friend of mine. The same friend who informed me previously that I acted like I was in love. I felt like hitting my head against a brick wall. Why does it always happen to me?

14. august 2005

Felt like posting. My life has been a row of highly positive and deeply negative events. That's exhausting, mentally.

First low: hopless love. Solution: let's wait and see.
Second low: he knows!. Solution: I was reassured he doesn't.
Third low: maybe my parents will divorce. Solution: it's only maybe.
Fourth low: it will soon be schooltime. Solution: but there's two more weeks of break!

First high: I can go to training tomorrow!
Second high: I will see a few long-lost friends soon.
Third high: I will get my photos tomorrow.
Fourth high: One of my friends will be coming over in a few days, to overnight.
Fifth high: have I said it yet? I'm in love.
Sixth high: life still is good.

One more low: the weather is horrible.

Ok, that was the short synopsis of my life right now. As you might have noticed, ther are no solutions to the high's. Why do I need those?