15. juuni 2005

As always, life has two sides.

First, the negative.

  • I'm broke.
  • I can't go to the summer outing, because of it.
  • I can't pay my year membership because of that.
  • I can't pay for this weekend's game because of that.

And now, the positive.

  • I got some money by getting rid of the bottles.
  • I found some money on the street. (About 5 units.)
  • I wasn't so broke as I thought and could afford to buy some metal-thread-cutters. (again, now you can all see I'm not a native speaker to the English language.)
  • They can cut the thread I need to cut.
  • I got the lamp my dad wanted me to get. He would have been very mad at me if I hadn't.

Only four of negative stuff and five of positive! Wohoo! I guess life is good afterall!

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