8. mai 2005

I planned on writing yesterday, too, but it seems I forgot one detail: I had no access whatsoever to any computers yesterday. I also didn't for most of today. Weekend's theme seems to be adventures.

A guy walked on the main street of some small town. It was the kind of town, where everybody knows everybody and most of them are friends. Amongst themselves, they are friendly, but not to outsiders. Anyway, he had never seen anyone from outside in his life, neither went on vacation with his family to other towns. maybe he didn't have the chance, maybe they just didn't want to... Who knows? But this evening seemed to be special. He had never liked to be alone much, but this incredibly quiet, sweet spring evening had been inviting. He had walked alone on the streets for almost an hour now, lost in his thoughts. He thought about what was going to happen tomorrow: he was supposed to leave the town, go to university. He wouldn't see his family - mother, father and little sister - for an entire year, if not longer. His mind went stray and he didn't realize, when he was out of town already. His feet carried him to a beautifully serene place: over a tiny bridge, to an even tinier island. The place was only big enough for a few bushy trees and a small green meadow between them. The island was situated in the river that flowed through the town. When the bridge suddenly ended - it had started very subtle, with some grass on the mainland end - he looked up and saw all of this beautiful nature. The island was somewhat diamond-shaped. He went to the very end of one tip and looked at the river: it was a breathtaking view. He stood there, looking at it in the long rays of evening sun, soon turning rosy. It was a clear, cloudless sunset and he couldn't keep his eyes away from it. It was pure luck he had one of the trees hanging over his head and blocking some of the sun, he could have been blinded, just standing there, staring at the sun. With the last rays, he turned around and left. He had no idea where he was, but it didn't matter. He knew he would probably never find this place again, but that didn't matter, either. The only thing that mattered was the place itself - so mystical, so beautiful, so serene, so quiet. Being there at the sunset had been an adventure of its own for him, made even more unrealistic by loneliness. Even birds didn't sing anymore, when he left.

He never knew if he found it accidentally or did his feet carry him there intentionally, or whether or not he ever found his way home, but the fact remains: such places still exist in our world, where none can go and remain unchanged.

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