9. mai 2005

Today's post will be short, since I don't have a lot of time. And it's about hopes, dreams and awaits - at least I hope it will be.

It has been a beautiful summer weather for almost a month in a row, but that seemed unfair to Marina. She had been overwhelmingly sad - her boyfriend had been reported missing from the frontline. it was war time, and she knew when he left, that he probably wouldn't ever come home again, but hope dies last. She was waiting to see any changes in the weather. After all, it was unfair everybody else was happy, and so seemed the sky - dull, low grey clouds would have been a lot more fitting. She was not the only one waiting for rain, it had been dry for too long. So she stood there, on the terrace of her family's home, on the second floor, and looked at the west, from where the clouds were awaited. A light, warm wind from that direction rose. it made her dress flow and her hair too. And there, as she waited and looked for a cloud with her eyes, a tiny black spot emerged from the horizon. At first, it was almost too small to see, then in a while she thought it was a bug of some sort, that flew near to her eye. She tried to wipe it away, but it stayed. After a long wait, it started to take human form, a riding human in a bright red uniform. She couldn't believe her eyes, strained them, to see better. She hoped it was her husband. When the man - she had been right - got to hearing range, she cried a welcome for him. He saw her, and waved. Waving back, the woman leaned too far over the edge of the balkony - and fell.

When the man got to her, she could only say her last words - "I was hoping to see you once again..." - before she died.

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